Natural rock and landscaping boulders
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Rock Descriptions

Natural rock with Lichen

Types of Rock

Granite crystalline base rock (medium soft). We also offer lava/swirl and flagstone.

Covering on Rocks and Boulders

Lichen (moss-like plants growing in patches) or no moss (plain).

Natural landscaping boulderLandscape Uses

General landscaping, swimming pools, water features, waterfall displays, construction of walls, monuments, fireplaces, curbing, fishponds, barbecue pits, retaining walls, split-level steps, and many projects of old rock used to highlight gardens and entryways.

Custom Rock Creations

Drilled natural lava rock, cactus, flower and small shrub planters with drain holes and natural rock holders for small garden sculptures and ornaments, pottery, and potted plant displays.

Selection and Handling of Natural Rocks and Boulders

Each natural rock and boulder is carefully hand-selected for each project. Extra care is given in shipping to prevent scarring or breaking of the rock. Click here to learn more.

Natural Northern California rock

Rock Dealers

Dealers are welcome to visit our rock yard in Gridley (click here for a map). Or, select the type of rocks from the 3,000-acre family ranch located in the Sutter Buttes. Let us know what your special needs are.

Ordering Rock

We work with you on bulk orders for large landscaping projects, single, huge boulders, drilled rocks, or custom items.