Natural rock and landscaping boulders
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Natural Rocks : The Difference

Why choose Ford's Custom Rock for your natural rock? Consider the source . . .

Our rocks are taken from the Sutter Buttes—a small circular mountain range, only about 10 miles in diameter. To be specific, it is recognized as the Smallest Mountain range in the World. The peaks range from 1,500 to 2,100 feet above sea level. The Sutter Buttes formed in the middle of the Sacramento Valley as the result of an unusal volcanic formation. (Geologists identify the Sutter Buttes as the southernmost volcano in the Cascades; other well-known erupters include Mt. St. Helens, Shasta, and Lassen.)

All the property of the Sutter Buttes is privately owned; Ford's Custom Rock is one of the few private owners. As such, we offer natural rock from one of the most unique geographic areas in the world.
Landscape Rock in CA

The Sutter Buttes have gone by several names—both from Maidu Native Americans, Spanish explorers, and early pioneers. Regardless of the name, the 75 square mile area is a beautiful anomaly in the agricultural valley. The Buttes are surrounding by waterfowl, agriculture, and wildflowers. Plus, it boasts beautful natural rock formations.

natural rock projectThe natural rock we offer is not only the lava from the volcanic eruption, but the mud flow. The boulders and small rocks are part of the old volcanic rim. They are medium-soft, crystalline granite-based rock. Because of their unique composition, they are easy to handle for other purposes. They are easy to drill, air chisel or split for masonary work.

Enjoy landscape rock from the majestic and unique landscape of California's Sutter Buttes.