Natural rock and landscaping boulders
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Landscape Stone at the Swimming Pool

You need a landscape stone for the new pool you’re putting in out back. You’ve never even thought of paying good money for a rock before. To be honest, you’re not even sure how you got involved in this nebulous search for the perfect landscape stone in the first place. Actually, you know exactly what happened. It went something like this:

“What do you want for your birthday, Jimmy?”

“A landscape stone for the pool!”

Huh? You’ve always known that you need to be careful in letting your kids randomly surf on the internet, but did you ever think it would lead to their stubborn desire to have a landscape stone for the new pool?

You’ve been racking your brains about how to weasel out of this one, but the only landscape stone you can produce at the moment would come from the remnants of the old septic tank they found in digging out the pool crater. You’re kicking yourself over Jimmy’s new geology kit he got over Christmas, and in short, this whole landscape stone thing is contributing generously to a few stones of your own, specifically in your kidney.

Beauty of Natural Stone

Never fear! Ford’s Custom Rock has got a selection of landscape stones that will rock your world. You can rely on us to pick out the perfect landscape stone for your new pool so that the only thing you need to worry about is making sure Jimmy doesn’t crack his noggin' doing a backflip off of it. You might ask, since when were the kids concerned about the ambient natural beauty of the new pool? Take it from the pros, they’re not. But they will love you forever for choosing a landscape stone instead of the stereotypical diving board.

Natural Stones in the Pool Area

Admit it, it’s much easier to pretend to be jungle-boy clambering out of the water and up a landscape stone than using one of those dumb planks with springs. And if you’re a really cool parent, you can use landscape stones to shoot for one of those underwater caves that pirates usually store their treasure in. Good luck in getting your neighbors to let their kids play in your pool, though.

With Ford’s Custom Rock taking care of all your landscape stone needs, you’ve got the best of both worlds. You’ll be glad in the end for the natural beauty a landscape stone adds your new pool, and your kids will be glad for something else to jump off of. Choose Ford’s for your landscape stone today.