Natural rock and landscaping boulders
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Landascape Rock in California

If you’re thinking about transforming your backyard into your own personal Paradise, realize that landscaping rock has been the tried and true method for millennia. Granted, some of our granddads back in the day had a few less options than we do now in the vastly expanding realm of landscaping, but there’s a reason why landscaping rock has lasted through the ages. Consider the Great Pyramids or Stonehenge or those cool stone heads at Easter Island: all rather ambitious projects using (basically) the same landscaping rock that is still all the rage today. Unfortunately, Ford’s Custom Rock hasn’t been around quite that long, (those guys just had to do it the hard way), but now we’re here with a wide selection of landscaping rock for all your landscaping needs.

Landscaping Rock in Backyard Projects

“Why should I use landscaping rock in my upcoming backyard project?” you may be asking. One word: awesome. Nothing says “I know what I’m doing,” like slamming down a two-ton landscaping rock as the centerpiece of your new backyard. It’s natural, untamed, confident. You’re now in the big league with those cool Stonehenge guys, except your rock landscaping project was a little less sweat off your back. Plus, if you’ve got big backyard or the neighbors are away for the weekend, your new landscaping rock is a perfect backdrop for your insatiable desire to be Tarzan for a day.

Thinking that the sculpted, cement-rock route might be a little bit more flexible than real landscaping rock? Don’t. You won’t be able to look at your backyard again knowing that it’s just a façade covering the chicken-wire and rebar. Real landscaping rock will always look better then what you think you can do with cement, unless you’re going for the Disney World look. In that case, good luck booking Mickey for a guest appearance. But if you decide to keep it real, Ford’s Custom Rock can even help with drilling holes for planters in your landscaping rock to get the best of both worlds.

Landscaping Rock from California

Take it from us; stick with the tried and true landscaping rock for your new backyard. You won’t be sorry with your landscaping rock from the smallest mountain range in the world which suddenly catapults you to having the best backyard in the neighborhood. With a huge selection of rocks from our 3,000 acre family ranch in Northern California, you’re sure to come away with the landscaping rock that makes the statement you want at Ford’s Custom Rock.